Volkswagen Amarok 2023

  The spirit of CSL continues to exist. The next generation M4 is set to take over this legacy. The 2023 new BMW M4 CSL will hit the road with its more powerful engine, improved aerodynamics and lighter body structure. Let's move on to the details of the vehicle displayed on the Nürburgring track in camouflage. The new BMW M4 CSL will arrive more powerful than the current M4 and with further improved road performance. There are estimates for the vehicle, which is not clear about power. The current M4 has a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder turbo petrol engine and produces 510 ps and 650 nm of torque. The new M4 CSL is expected to produce 547 ps 540 horsepower. It is certain that the track record will improve with the lightening and improvement of the suspension structure on this vehicle, which will come with an 8-speed automatic transmission. What we will share about the 2023 new BMW M4 CSL is limited to this for now. We will continue to convey the developments about the vehicle, wh